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Upcoming Events:

Didn’t get to meet up on  the Way Out West & Down Under Tour? No worries: I’m gearing up to barnstorm America with the Vote Common Good Tour, as we attempt to flip congress– for the common good!

Upcoming Events & Appearances:

Common Good Tour

San Antonio, TX 10/22 @ 7pm

El Paso, TX 10/23 @ 7pm

Las Cruces, NM 10/24 @ 7pm

Escondido, CA 10/26 @ 7pm

Vista, CA 10/27 @7pm

Huntington Beach, CA 10/28 @3pm

Irvine, CA 10/29 @7pm

Brea, CA 10/30 @ 7pm

Simi Valley, CA 10/31 @7pm