Benjamin L. corey

Benjamin L. Corey is a cultural anthropologist, public theologian, author, and international speaker who is either interviewed or quoted regularly across all media. He is a retired member of the Armed Forces turned non-violence & anti-war advocate, and a former right-wing fundamentalist who went on to become a leading voice in the quest to deconstruct and defeat the toxic ideals of right-wing America.

He writes from the intersection of culture and theology- both the ancient world and the modern one. He can equally be found parsing out Koine Greek to show how ancient cultural nuance differs from modern equivalents– and why that matters– or exploring more contemporary issues from the overlap of theology & anthropology, such as the blending of Christian religion with American (and Israeli) nationalism.

BLC has traveled to over 40 countries in his lifetime and has lived extended periods abroad, in accordance with his passion for experiencing and understanding diversity of cultures. He a good-will ambassador for the Kingdom of Jordan and periodically leads fellow social media influencers on excursions throughout the Kingdom. He also serves with World Vision USA and has traveled to write about cold weather poverty in Armenia, as well as anti-poverty initiatives in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Corey is a two-time graduate of Gordon-Conwell with graduate degrees in theology and intercultural studies and received his doctorate in intercultural studies from Fuller. His award-winning research began with exploring how a shame and honor cultural framework impacts the lives of sex workers in India, and cumulated with the development of a contemporary model of human flourishing drawn from the ancient theological concept of Shalom.

His blog is read by millions each year, and he has been featured or interviewed in such places as TIME, CNN, and HuffingtonPost.