Picture of Benjamin L. Corey

Benjamin L. Corey

BLC is an author, speaker, scholar, and global traveler, who holds graduate degrees in Theology & Intercultural Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller. He is the author of Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus, and Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith.

The 5 Un-Presidential, Rare, or Wild Things We’ll See In A Trump Presidency

On January 20th, the unthinkable will become true: Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States.

His candidacy was perhaps the most bizarre political candidacy in American history. I have little doubt that his presidency will be any different than his candidacy, so here are my top 5 predictions for some totally un-presidential things that we’re going to see happen while Donald Trump is the President:

5. He will get into a twitter war with other world leaders, negatively impacting relations with the United States.

Trump seems to love control, but there’s one thing he can’t control: his own mouth. We also know the allure of the internet is that it temps people to say things about others that they most likely would never dare say if you were face to face in their living room having coffee.

At a minimum, this will create massive tensions in relations with countries typically seen as close friends, and will escalate tensions with those we are already at odds with. In history we’ve seen occasions where war was triggered by a final straw that otherwise would seem less than significant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Trump’s twitter handle become the trigger source for global tensions.


Picture of Benjamin L. Corey

Benjamin L. Corey

BLC is an author, speaker, scholar, and global traveler, who holds graduate degrees in Theology & Intercultural Studies from Gordon-Conwell, and earned his doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller.

He is the author of Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, and Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus.

It's not the end of the world, but it's pretty #@&% close. Trump's America & Franklin Graham's Christianity must be resisted.

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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  2. What may happen before #1 could even come to fruition is that he just quits. Trumps MO is to make money. Before POTUS, he could call the shots, make decisions that could be implemented and see a personal return when his decisions were enacted. Oddly enough, as POTUS he could experience less power than ever, far more frustration, with no return. How does he deal with political gridlock, government bureaucracy, endless federal channels to navigate through. Wouldn’t surprise me one iota if 6 months into it he just said to himself, “forget this” and move outta the White House back into Trump Tower.

    1. Ron, when you see how a real leader operates you will be amazed at the lackluster performance of the current President. President Trump knows how to manage and get things done. There is no reason to doubt him as he has already succeeded in moving Corporate America without being in office. President Trump was elected because 65% of the country feels it is on the wrong track. That is very different and much more sobering assessment for the Democrats to swallow. President Obama’s favorability rating does not mean people like what he has failed to do. Not at all…

      1. well about half of the people who voted might feel the country is not on the right track. Since only about 50% of eligible voters voted that would bring that number down to 25%. But trump was not elected by majority but by electoral college…so since he actually lost popular vote that brings the number down even more.

      2. Hmm. While Trump may have been “elected because 65% of the country” felt “it is on the wrong track,” it does not bode well for Trump in that 60% do not have a favorable view of him. His favorability rating heading into the inauguration is less than half of what Obama’s was. Plus his cabinet picks are already meeting staunch resistance in Congress, high ranking members from his own party do not view him favorably, Americans remain concerned over his relationship with Putin’s Russia, and his very unpresidential thin-skinned public battles with celebrities. I just wonder how those who view him as the American messiah will react when they get a dose of reality that Trump has not led them into the ‘promised land.’

      3. Please tell how he gets things done. Trump u, trump airlines, trump steaks, trump casinos. Where was his great management on anything he has done. Where did he do anything that wasn’t from daddy’s money? I bet it is in his tax returns.

  3. #6 – One of Trump’s heads will be wounded to death, and his deadly wound will be healed, and all will wonder at Trump. And they will worship the Dragon who gave power to Trump and say, “Who is like unto Trump? Who is able to make war with him?” And Trump will have a mouth that will speak great things and blasphemies. He will continue forty-two months.

    1. “And Trump will have a mouth that will speak great things and blasphemies”
      Well that one’s already true…

  4. I predict he meets the same fate as JFK. Committed by the deep state just like JFK & for similar reasons as JFK. If this does not happen then the Federal Reserve will do all they can to crash the economy and blame it on Trump. Or last possibility a false flag operation to get world war 3 started with Russia & or China.

  5. Here are my predictions…

    5. Egged on by liberals and blogs like this one… some crazy person (or group) with a deranged ideology will attempt to assassinate Trump – potentially on multiple occasions. I give it a 90% chance of failure because Trump with his completely unconventional personality could only have made it this far with God’s help and God’s purposes won’t be defeated by a lunatic or group of lunatics. If the 10% chance is successful, then the Democrats will be so happy that they will throw parties and pop open champagne bottles at private parties. Democrats should own stock in companies that produce champagne if they want this to happen, which they do.

    4. There will be much less killing with a Trump presidency. Even though Liberals want there to be more killing because it’s Donald Trump. Trump will greatly reduce Obama’s policy of Targeted Kill Lists and end the policy of assassination of foreign citizens. ISIL will lose its recruiting advantage and Trump will make a secret deal that ends the wars in the Middle East – including with ISIL. The deal will involve an undiscovered oil field in the Middle East that is used as a bargaining chip for ISIL and their enemies – per Tom Clancy’s novel.

    3. Rowe v Wade will be overturned and Trump will play an important role, but not in the way you are thinking. The law will be changed from a ground swell of public pressure primarily from those who supported it at one time but who convert to a more gentle approach. Abortion won’t be abolished completely, but “Abortion on Demand” lovers will lose the public following they have had in the past as people see that they are mean and evil and are disgusted by it. Trump won’t have to lift a finger.

    2. I agree that Trump will use Twitter in a most unconventional way. It will really upset his political enemies who will focus on it and they will take their eyes off the real ball. Trump will use Twitter to find out who his enemies are… because they won’t be able to help themselves. His enemies will have a knee jerk reaction, which will give Trump the opening he needs. Then he will out maneuver them… because Trump always has his eye on the ball and he knows how to stir the pot. It is happening with Mexico, it will happen with his opponents in congress. If you invest your own money, you should go out and buy Twitter stock right now after reading this.

    1. Everything that Liberals say they care about Donald Trump will make better. I’m sure my liberal friends will hate me for saying this but it is true. He will bring more jobs, higher wages, and more opportunity to the American people. He will fix healthcare for everyone. He will make government more fair and more efficient. He will work harder at improving race relations. No one will fall through the cracks. He will break both the Democratic and Republican parties and the people of this country will help him do it. I know this because Donald Trump is the most competent person who has ever held the office and competency always outperforms ideology.

    A tragic-comedy will play out for Liberals over the next 8 years. Indeed, this will likely be their Shakespearean moment written about for centuries in play’s and songs. At the heart of the story will be the “liberal fool” who foolishly does everything he can to defeat the things he says he cares about. It will be an epic drama with sequel after sequel. The final sequel will expose the fool for the idiot that he is… and as he realizes his foolishness, rather than learn from his foolishness, he will actually revel in it.

    God broke the mold with Donald Trump and he will either be the greatest president or the worst president the US has ever had. I pray for all of our sakes that he is the former.

    1. As conservative as your points are, like they’re from talk radio amazingly, you are obviously pro legal weed cause you gotta be high to see the world the way you stated. But more power to you and AM radio.

      1. I don’t listen to the radio. I spend most of my time either working for food or working for fun. I am actually not conservative. I am a theoretical socialist but a practical Libertarian. I don’t trust the US government to do anything right. The US government is a cesspool of corruption and all they care about is which poor bastard they can screw every day. I hate both Republicans and Democrats and I consider myself an independent. I’ve never touched weed though… are you saying I should give it a try? Will it improve my storytelling?

        1. You consider yourself independent but you sound like right wing radio. The libertarian makes sense. Are you a fan of the Austrian School? I would suggest the blog mixed mentalarts.club.

    2. 5. By your logic, God blessed Hitler by putting him in control of much of Europe and protecting him from several assassination attempts. Wikipedia has a partial list of these attempts:


      IMO it’s extremely unwise to assume worldly power and success alone are signs of God’s favor. God may be using Trump for His purposes as He used Hitler, but that’s not the same thing as a blessing.

      As for the rest of your predictions, I’d be really happy if most of them came true. Believe it or not, I want the President to succeed in doing good things. Even if he did the right things for the wrong reasons, I’d still be happy someone was doing them. I simply don’t think Trump is the person who’s going to do good things. Even if he wants to do the things you think he wants to do, I don’t think he has the intelligence or talent to get them done. He’s good at self-promotion and little else.

      1. This was intended to be a fictional tragic comedy, so lets not take it too seriously. I would never equate Trump to Hitler and those that do are not rational in my opinion. Certainly what Hitler did was so far beyond what Trump did/is… To equate the two is reprehensible because it doesn’t just lessen the depth of Hitler’s crimes against humanity; but it sanctions them. Are we to believe that Hitler’s crimes against humanity are equivalent to inappropriate locker room banter among 2 clueless celebs?

        However, to further respond to your comments regarding my fictional story that Trump is so “out there” that he couldn’t have succeeded without God’s help and that is the reason why he won’t be assassinated. Since no one really knows God’s will in all of this (other than just speculation) there is no logic that can rationally explain what happened or what will happen. So therefore it is all pure speculation (storytelling) so there is no reason to be worried. Best not to take any of it too seriously.

        BTW… that goes for all of the other more serious predictor’s on this blog.

        1. Your predictions don’t sound like a “fictional tragic comedy” at all. From the tone of your writing, you sincerely want most of these things to happen. It seems like you played the “just kidding!” card to avoid pushback. Well, I’m not buying it.

          “Are we to believe that Hitler’s crimes against humanity are equivalent to inappropriate locker room banter among 2 clueless celebs?”

          Just to be clear: liberals aren’t mad at Trump because he said “inappropriate” words. We’re mad at him because he bragged about committing sexual assault. Even if we give Trump the benefit of the doubt and assume he lied about committing sexual assault, how does that make him look good? If he bragged about murdering people and getting away with it, would we dismiss that as “locker room banter?”

          As for the “crimes against humanity” business, well … I’m not sure how Trump is going to arrest and deport 11 million people in the space of 4-8 years without committing a few of those.

          “there is no reason to be worried. Best not to take any of it too seriously.”

          Well, perhaps I personally don’t need to worry. I’m a cishet white lady, my family’s well-off, my husband has a decently-paying job that’s most likely not going away any time soon, I have an IUD. It’s a lot of the other people – the ones who are much less secure than I am – I’m worried about.

    3. He will be the worst president the US has ever had.

      A neo-fascist who’s already started sabre rattling with China, supports Israel’s unending settlements on Palestinian land, allied with neo-fascist Russia who is building Iran 8 nuclear power plants as well as eyeing off a weak NATO………..

      The guy’s unstable and a fruitcake.

      I’m glad I don’t live in your country.

        1. Not quite sure if Germany will be much different in the future tbh….

          besides I live 10 minutes from the beach.

    4. I think you’re correct that someone will try to assassinate Trump. He will receive a deadly wound from this assassin, but he will be healed to the astonishment of the world. Everyone will proclaim that no one can stand against Trump.

      He will announce in a press conference that the dispensationalists are correct and that he is the actual, literal Antichrist, and the world has witnessed the power of Satan and should worship him. Evangelicals the world over will shake their heads and go, “Well, he has a lot of rough edges, but God is going to do some great things with this guy. I wonder when he’ll get around to making abortion illegal?”

      1. Phil… It’s supposed to be a comedy not a horror show!

        The script already says that Trump won’t have to do anything about abortion.

    5. You do write some compelling comedy. If you are serious, then you lost me when you stated that Trump wouldn’t have got this far if God wasn’t helping him. That’s some sadistic God you got there.

  6. I think you are wrong about #5. And that’s because most other world leaders will have enough self-restraint to avoid engaging in a twitter war with Trump.

    You might well be right about the others, though I’m not sure if the Republicans are principled enough for #1.

    1. Nah….even our conservative PM thinks Trump’s a dickhead.

      And we’ve already told you once we’re not going to war over China who just happens to be one of our biggest trading partners.

      The only ones who might reply yo Trump might be ISIS if they want to gad him.

  7. #8 In an effort to deal with all those illegal immigrants Trump will require everyone to carry I.d. at all times, and prevent shops serving people without I.d.:
    “… that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the Trump, or the number of his name.”

      1. PresidentTrump’s greatness is equal to the sum total of all previous presidents.
        There have only been 42 previous presidents because Grover Cleveland was President twice and obviously Obama doesn’t count since he was not legally president (not).
        42 = 6 x 6 + 6.
        Therefore the Donald’s number is 666.
        (It’s been a long day, i’m tired and that was the best I could be bothered to come up with, sorry.)

  8. I believe that being ” presidential ” has been re-defined by Trump and has been approved by his supporters and the Republicans , to accommodate Trump and his crazy , angry, lewd and confrontational manner.
    Gone are the days of grace, intellect, a firm grasp for the issues and an ability to multitask while being cool calm, methodological and thorough…
    America has chosen someone who is the antithesis to Obama and most other Presidents in recent history.
    This is truly unprecedented…and so is being Presidential– Unprecedented..

  9. Dr Cornel West is a true prophet….and my brother….


    Welcome to the transition from neoliberalism to neofascism.

    “In the next 4 years we will see the best of America, in a serious way….

    Because the people who really care, who have integrity, honesty, decency, courage and vision…they’re gonna rise up, straighten up their backs….You’ll see the best of America….”

  10. Replace “Donald Trump” with “Barack Obama” (& Repubs w/ Dems, etc.), and this article could be straight out of Fox News 8 years ago…

    1. Let me guess…..

      1) Obama is black…..

      Actually Obama’s been a disappointment.

      It’s only that Bush was so bad and Trump is gonna be worse that he gets a pass.

      1. For the record, I can’t stand Trump.

        I just couldn’t help remembering how 8 yrs ago this very sort of article written about Barack Obama was (appropriately) labeled as ridiculous. Why wouldn’t it be now?

        The far left & far right are often mirror images.

        1. Because the far right around the world are salivating in the victory of the maniacal liar over the great USA.

          This moron has allied himself with fascists in the form of Putin and Netanyahu which will have dramatic consequences for world peace.

  11. Betraying the religious right (item number 3) is actually a good thing. Conservative Christianity is a betrayal of the Good News. Their false prosperity theology is a direct contradiction to the Sermon on the Mount.

    1. “Conservative Christianity” & the “prosperity Gospel” are not synonymous terms (or even concentric circles). You seem to want to throw both, but (falsely) on the same grounds? Baby and bathwater.

      However, holding a Bible up and saying it’s your favorite book (while apparently not knowing much of it) doesn’t make the President a conservative Christian either. A significant portion of Christian conservatives have pointedly said as much. Do you dismiss them as well?

      1. All followers of the false prosperity gospel are conservative Christians, but not all conservative Christians are followers of the prosperity gospel. Followers of that false gospel are a subset of the larger group.

        But what most conservative Christians have in common is a sense of law and order in a manner very similar to the Sadducees and Pharisees who knew the law but had not love in their hearts. So yes, I am find with exposing conservative Christianity as a legalistic, exclusionary, loveless false interpretation of Jesus’ message of agape and liberation.

        1. Therein lies the rub. Yes, Jesus was a social progressive, but he was also a theological conservative (just note his view of the Scriptures). And he was radically exclusive… of anyone who thought s/he could merit eternal life, while being incredibly inclusive of those who knew they were a mess.

          But note well: biblical liberation is not a liberation to autonomy (something the Bible deems as enslaving; if not outright self-idolatry). Biblical freedom is becoming (joyfully) a slave to the only Master who dies for his servants. Every other master will demand that you die. That definitely cannot be called “liberation.”

          But I’m beginning to get the impression that by “agape and liberation” you mean antinomianism – an equally loveless & false interpretation of the faith as legalism. To be blunt, can your God contradict you?

        2. tell me more about love?Do you love the victims of socialism (THAT INCLUDES CORPORATIONS (SOCIALISM INC.)or do you love the CATHOLIC FALSE RELIGION OF PIOUS POVERTY? DO YOU LOVE THE KORAN WITH NO WORD FOR PERFECT LOVE?(AGAPE OR CHARITY) DO YOU HAVE A DEFINITION OF LOVE LIKE THE BIBLE DOES if you don’t work you don’t get feed ! That is the basis for all civility my friend,it is what CONSERVATIVES try to tell lazy socialist who want to rule the world but they produce nothing but hot air.Can you define what a conservative and what a liberal stand for? Most conservatives can do both ! I doubt that you can define either sir ?But at least you are trying to go to A CHRISTIAN perspective.My friend the trade GUILDS of GERMANY DID NOT SUPPORT HITLERS LEFTIST SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY THE CULTURAL ELITE DID ! LIKE BERNIE THEY ARE only about free enterprise for the rich socialist dictators.Name one war that was started by small business ?One war that was because of people that make an honest living?That have a family ?That is what a conservative is ,a liberal is in bed with child molesters ,pervertys,socialist,communists,and dictators,Imperalists,and then try to call conservatives names that apply to them.I help people get JOBS !then I help people start businesses! Then they figure out they have been brain washed by people like you and BERNIE.WE HAVE TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT if we collapse GOVERNMENT to only cave in on PLUNDER MURDER RAPE .And stop the PLUNDER OF GOVERNMENT then we will be a conservative country again.Making HONEST MONEY should not be a CRIME ! DO YOU AGREE WITH THAT?

          1. Yeah I love the fact that my country has FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE covered by our government who CARES for the WELFARE of its citizens.

            You don’t.

            You’re an IDIOT who couldn’t give a SHIT about others.

            BTW most of the CHILD MOLESTORS I know are CONSERVATIVES.

  12. You assume that right wing social contract of public Christian behavior is neither logical nor ethical?

  13. This article just shows that that the religious left has just as big an imagination as the political left. This is chicken little nonsense. For example, he has advisors, such as the secretary of defense, who will give him advice when bombing the blank out them is an action that will actually help the situation. I think he will be more like Obama when it comes to getting involved in the Middle East mess – it has been amply shown that our naive plans to create democracies in Muslim countries is nonsense. Same with other areas – he has chosen capable advisors and he will listen. And no he won’t be impeached. He may not get along with Congressional Republicans b/c they have been captured by the big corporations and the administrative state.

  14. It is troublesome that if Mr Trump is impeached and convicted, thereby being removed from office, Mr Pence would become our President. I cannot imagine a worse thing for our country.

      1. Again, your compelling and erudite argument has convinced me. Where do I sign up to your particular religion?

        There are some real gold-plated commentators here!

  15. There should be a constitutional crises taking place from the moment he was elected. His continued ownership and family control of businesses all over the world is a clear violation of the 1st Article of the Constitution.

  16. Here is the ultimate solution for both conservatives and liberals.The conservatives form a CORPORATION called CONSERVATIVE AMERICA.Anyone who likes the principles of CONSERVATIVES can sIghn up .Then the wealthy CONSERVATIVES SUPPORT THOSE and because they are CAPITALISTS they will share in the BOUNTY that is produced.Then the liberals form a CORPORATION and call it LIBERAL INC.and all the child molesters despots wanna be dictators of other peoples money like the FEDERAL RESERVE THE UNITED NATIONS and all the communist can form their INC. and because they have nothing but hot air they can spend BERNIE’S MONEY JANE FONDA’S MONEY THE CLINTON’S MONEY THE OBAMA MONEY AND ALL GET A DEGREE FROM HARVARD OR YALE AND SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU CAN SOLVE WITH HOT AIR.May be they can all make hot air balloons and float of to the Utopia they liberals sell.Hint a scammer (like BERNIE SANDERS(is gonna sell you on something he doesn’t really believe in. LIKE ALL DESPOTS BELIEVES IN HIS BANK ACCOUNT.)AN entrepreneur SELLS SOMETHING THEY REALLY DO BELIEVE IN …THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CONSERVATIVE (who the poor support ) AND THE CULTURAL ELITIST WHO BELIEVE ONLY IN FREEDOM FOR THEM SELVES AND NOT CHILDREN WIDOWS,ELDERLY AND THE REALLY TRUE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE HELP THE HANDICAPPED

    1. Beware about the child molesters… in reading the number of Right-leaning politicians who’ve cheated on their wives, it seems more of them cheated with underaged boys than with anyone else. The same cannot be said for the Left-leaners; they seem to keep it 18 and above 🙁

      1. The DEMOCRAT’S CANNOT EXIST with out sponging off the Small Business people with excessive tax.Watch as MEXICO falls into deeper poverty and the people take over that country too.

    2. When will you purchase your one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia? Be sure to stay in touch once you’re there.

    3. That conservative country already exists.

      It’s called Saudi Arabia.

      In case you haven’t realised it but the globalisation and competition policies which have taken away jobs and businesses along with destruction of unions is all conservative reaganism and thatcherism. These are policies which have continued from the 80s.

      Rampant unregulation of big business in the name of trickle down economics.

      Gee it”s funny but rampant capitalism prospered only the rich while the workers were told to f*ck off along with the handicapped, the children, widows and elderly while big business in the name of profits and share holders took their businesses overseas for cheap labour.

      Even your guru trump does that.

      Heck you love them so much you’re prepared to kill them all and let businesses do what they want to the climate

      The biggest mistake Obama made was not locking up those wall street bastards who you fawn over. And allowing people to default on their mortgages.

      I have always found it hard to forgive him for that.

      Obama was no liberal.

      He was one of you guys.

      You should be proud of him.

      Apart from the fact he was black.

      1. I agree that the REPUBLICANS are wrong to turn against the UNIONS (which is what build civilization.)UNIONS ARE ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM.So we have common ground there ?Do you think that small business are bad people for producing a product and giving people jobs? I take care of the ELDERLY ,widows and would take care of orphans if I could make more MONEY.Is my greed to have money that I earn so I can help people a problem (I am a capitalist)And as a CAPITALIST I HAVE THE MEANS TO HELP PEOPLE.If we all go on welfare and trust the state ,HISTORY tells us they will kill us off? If I like BEN CARSON because he is conservative am I stll a racist because OBAMA is too liberal for my LESS GOVERNMENT taste?Or do I just dislike liberals because they lie about GOVERNMENT HELPING PEOPLE. If we collapse the government we could pay every woman man child 70,000.oo a year.Then they could let all the liberal GOVERNMENT retire.Lets sell all the land that all the GOVERNMENT people control.
        I am all for redistributing the wealth take from the rich GOVERNMENT GOONS and give to the people! Then those who work will succeed and those who don’t work will lose what they have .

      2. I actually take care of the disabled.And it doesn’t take a
        village(IDIOT) it takes a business.What do you personally contribute to
        society Sir? You seem to be like most liberals the more names you call
        people the more you get all puffed up.OBAMA is not Black by the way he
        is part of the slave master race.Like Bill Clinton and JESSE JACKSON he
        has helped dictators over helping the LOST BOYS of SOMALIA.

        1. Just a heads up dude.

          I’ve no time for nazis or racists.

          Now go live in your own world of delusion.

  17. If the police embark on such an ill-considered idea, they will discover that “A police force that is not supported by the populace becomes a collection of moving targets”. At any rate, if local authority refuses to control their Police forces, then that local authority needs to be recalled and responsive replacements voted in.
    Knowing several cops, I can promise you that the last thing they would want would be a relaxing of shoot rules. Those rules protect them and the community.
    Remember, too; The Federal Government may mandate, but the States can choose to not support that mandate (look at Marijuana).

  18. Your prayer as a Christian? Man, don’t you see? You are part of the problem.

    “I challenge you to find one good or moral thing which cannot be accomplished without religion. It is impossible. You cannot do it.”
    Christopher Hitchens

    1. With out JESUS I would be a VIKING .I just proved what you said couldn’t be proven.We know GOD is GOOD all the time because we have been changed.what would you give up for ETERNAL LIFE.?(You don’t want to miss that ride) The other side is ETERNAL REGRET,suffering….Hope everyone makes it to heaven!And as a CONSERVATIVE I hope everyone succeeds.If no one is a have not then we will all get along.

    2. Seriously… Your living in the Matrix, Dude…

      Here is one thing you cannot do… you can’t influence the vast majority of people who are religious, or who are spiritual but not religious and find your philosophy as shallow as a dry riverbed. You are in desolation friend.

      Your atheism is a religion and Hitchens is your prophet, which is why your message is dead to me and it should be dead to you too.

      Indeed – I challenge you to find one good or moral thing which cannot be accomplished without “atheism”. It is impossible. You cannot do it.

      Wondering about the spiritual nature of living things does kindle hope, curiosity, and wonder into the world. Hope is something that atheism is missing. Unfortunately, it is not just missing hope… atheism is the religion of hope destruction.

    3. “My belief system says your belief system is useless / immoral.”
      Pot, meet kettle.

      The irony is: when the religious make this sort of statement, it is accurately labeled fideism. But somehow, when a “New Atheist” makes these sorts of remarks, few seem to notice he is merely bringing his own belief system to bear against another belief system.

      Simply ask the question: on what basis does one define ‘good’ or ‘moral’? Then it’s obvious Hitchens is merely offering a *competing* belief system, making his statement incredibly self-defeating (i.e., no belief system, no ‘good’ by which to judge).

      It’s not just impossible “to find one good or moral thing…” without a belief system, it’s impossible even simply to define ‘good’ or ‘moral’ at all.

  19. Only one week of Trump and his favorability ratings have gone down. The problem is that Pence would be worse as he’s an actual Christianist. Sigh.

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