Benjamin L. Corey

Benjamin L. Corey

BLC is an author, speaker, scholar, and global traveler, who holds graduate degrees in Theology & Intercultural Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller. He is the author of Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus, and Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith.

Republican Arrested For Grabbing A Woman By The You-Know-What

When America discovered that Donald Trump had been caught on tape saying he liked to grab women by the you-know-what, the people who had taught me that God’s ideal was for me to life a life of strict sexual purity quickly came to his defense.

(How they went from teaching me that it’s not okay to touch a woman above the knee, to laughing off the idea of grabbing a random woman’s vagina, is still a little confusing.)

The people who raised me laughed it off as “locker room talk” and claimed it was a distraction from the real issues. And even when pressed, they claimed that it was ultimately “just words,” as if words are somehow harmless.

Let me assure you, words are not harmless. They never are. This is especially true when those words come from the mouth of a person of power or influence– because there will always be followers who will act on those words.

Case in point: a well-known Connecticut Republican was recently arrested for grabbing a co-worker by the you-know-what.

As reported by the Westport Daily Voice, Christopher von Keyserling was arrested and charged with 4th degree sexual assault on Saturday. The arrest was the cumulation of an incident at work last month where he got into a political exchange with a co-worker. He then followed to her office and pinched her groin after having said earlier, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

As he walked out, he warned her that it would be “his word against hers” but apparently didn’t realize there was surveillance footage police would later use to confirm the whole event.

According to the Daily Voice, von Keyserling is out on $2,500 bond, and will appear in court on January 25th.

So here’s my question: I think it’s a safe assumption that von Keyserling was likely a misogynistic jerk long before Trump. It’s highly doubtful he had a high-view of women, that he cared about issues like consent, or had any respect for anyone else’s body.

But would he have grabbed this woman by the crotch had Trump not normalized that whole despicable idea?

On that count, I’m doubtful.

The fact that he proudly proclaimed that he “didn’t have to be politically correct” anymore, and followed that statement up by assaulting a woman in the *same* exact way that Trump boastfully proclaimed in the now infamous tape, leads me to believe that his actions are directly linked to Trump’s words.

While we live in a country that values free speech, I think it’s important to remember that words matter. They matter regardless of whose mouth they come out of, but when harmful or hateful words come out of the mouth of someone with power and influence, they are especially dangerous.

Words can be dangerous because there will always be someone listening who will live out those words with actions.

While I lament this horrible story, I also find myself deeply grieving over the evangelical community I came out of.

Once upon a time you had values. Back in the day, you actually thought that there was a line between right and wrong. You used to tell me that “character counts” and that words matter. I mean, FFS, you wouldn’t even let us HOLD HANDS at Bible college unless we were engaged AND had written permission from our parents.

But now all those morals and convictions have been thrown out the window. Instead, you became the community that gave us a President who brags about grabbing women by the crotch and who has inspired people to start doing exactly that.

(Sorry to take up so much of your time– I’m guessing we should get back to focusing on how to keep those “perverts” out of Target’s bathrooms.)

Benjamin L. Corey

Benjamin L. Corey

BLC is an author, speaker, scholar, and global traveler, who holds graduate degrees in Theology & Intercultural Studies from Gordon-Conwell, and earned his doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller.

He is the author of Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, and Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus.

It's not the end of the world, but it's pretty #@&% close. Trump's America & Franklin Graham's Christianity must be resisted.

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  1. Touching story. I like Republican George H.W. Bush, 92, in a wheelchair grabbing a handful, of NOT Barbara’s Bush. Delightful and up-lifting. Very empowering for men. Bill Clinton, Democrat in the Oral office is still the best story so far. Canada was right to burn down the White House. We should do it again, some time, soon; for fun. #BurnDownTheWhiteHouseAgain.

    -“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” -Heinz Alfred Kissinger(Löb), Republican, born 1923 in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany (a.k.a. Henry Kissinger), former Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor, former Advisor to the Director of the Psychological Strategy Board, Republican Gordon Gray (father of Psychological Warfare and Operations). Kissinger was George H.W. Bush’s Lawyer. So, if anybody asks, tell ;em Kissinger made me do it! The whole talk-tough-against-North Korea-Shtick originated with Kissinger in the 1950;s. The whole sex scandal thing with the Council on Foreign Relations, Connecticut Republicans (including family Bush), Trump and Weinstein was Kissinger’s idea from the get-go.

  2. I have read in normal, reputable newspapers of men going into change rooms and walking around nude in front of little girls and women. This happened in gyms and schools. These men are not transgenders, they are perverts and get a kick out of what they are doing. I also read a news report of a man caught taking pictures of a woman under the door of a bathroom stall.

    Little girls are no longer safe to leave alone in public bathrooms. I have nothing against transgenders at all, but for me the safety of children trumps anything else. If you don’t think there are many perverts, you are sadly mistaken. A man was caught in our city, getting under an outhouse at a city park and taking pictures. He wore a Hazmat suit. Every woman in my family has been assaulted by a man at least once in her life, even my mother, who is 89. She was molested by a Bible salesman who stayed at her parent’s house.

    1. But that has nothing to do with people who are transgender – you said it yourself, -‘these men are not transgender’-. Men going into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms to play peeping tom or otherwise be indecent is -already- illegal, and has been for years.

      A transgendered woman is not a man – she is a woman. The fact that she was born with a penis is irrelevant, and doesn’t make her any less a woman than I am. Telling her to use the men’s room won’t protect kids, because she was never a danger to kids in the first place, and the people who -are- a danger to kids already don’t care that it’s illegal. All these laws do is put transwomen and transmen in danger.

      If a man with a beard, a deep voice, and a vagina walks into the woman’s restroom at Target, do you think anyone is going to say ‘oh, you must be a woman who is confused about her gender’? No, of course not. He will likely be beaten up or arrested, assuming someone doesn’t decide to shoot first and ask questions later. If a woman with make-up, breasts, and a penis walks into the men’s room, she has a an excellent chance of being beaten to death. And none of this does a single thing to protect kids.

      1. The problem is that perverts can tell the own wes of a gym or store they are Transgender and they have to let that man in with the women. In other words, we must believe these men are telling the truth when there is no way of knowing if they are or not.

        In all my life, I have never seen a man in a woman’s public wasroom. Women were rarely ever accosted there because of course they would be seen walking in and it would be noticed. Now, if a man walks in, we are all supposed to accept it.

        The worst offense though is school locker rooms where boys who say they are Transgender walk around nude. There is a lawsuit going on right now about this. Then there are the public pools and the YMCA; I’ve read about male nudity there too. Our little girls are no longer safe from these kind of men. Little boys have never been safe alone in a public washroom, and that is why their mom’s sometimes bring them into the women’s room.

        1. So little boys aren’t safe because of transgender men?????

          Ffs what planet are you on?

          Btw I was in a women’s toilet a couple of weeks ago….

          There were no toilet police like yourself who just wanted to check out my line and tackle.

  3. Outrageous! I can’t understand why people it’s okay to sexually assault anyone, men, women, or children! The fact that people have been put into powerful positions, by votes or on their own accord, who believe these types of things are okay leaves me speechless in the worst way possible. So frustrating! I might have punched that guy right in the face. Oops, sorry – you thought you could sexually assault me and I thought you could take a hit like a man. Guess we’re both wrong.

      1. Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton or just with someone with an (R) at the end of their name?

  4. But would he have grabbed this woman by the crotch had Trump not normalized that whole despicable idea?
    On that count, I’m doubtful.

    You’ve got to be kidding? Anthony Wiener! Duh!

    1. Would the author have taken the same position with Bill Clinton?

      I have a hard time believing he would write an article and have a tag line:

      Democrat accused of grabbing a woman

      Hillary actively attempted to cover up and discredit any women who had the unfortunate experience of being molested by her husband but liberals have no problem with that.

  5. Haremfeminists are “men” in everything including sex, and they dress and act seductively actually “raping” the easily stimulated men into forced unplanned unwanted arousal (which IS “rape”). The turned on guy follows the invitation of cleavage, boobs, and butt eye-flutter sweet talk, only to be accused of sexual assault, which was actually begun by the haremfeminist who is actually taking great pleasure in entrapping a real man. It is just like when the engaging woman in a bar, “being the man” she thinks she is, strikes a man in the face with her fist, but gets clobbered back (as has happened in NFL a lot) like a real man would be when he struck an NFL player. In both cases, rape and hitting, the “manly” woman starts the “I am a woman” routine denying she started the whole mess. If women want to be equal to men, then welcome to the Equal Misery Amendment. But they cannot have it both ways. If they rape or hit the guys, they will get it back in return and cannot pull the old pre-haremfeminism unequal “poor little old me I’m a woman” routine.

  6. and there goes another figure doing scummy shit and getting found out (thankfully) again (allegedly)

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